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Hichestan design studio is founded in 2005 by Mohammad Ramezani.

A precise study about Iranian architecture and analyzing its elements has formed a design framework of the project “Enhancement of Southern Part of Naghshe Jahan Square” collaborating with Dr. Farhad Ahmadi. This project with the area of 16 hectare including residential, commercial, touristic, garden design, and urban space design was honored by UNESCO in the year 2009.

An accurate geometry structure, architectural symmetry and modular design has become fundamental for proceeding projects ranging from residential, industrial, official, and commercial.

Architecture befitting city and citizens becomes possible only if that users’ needs are answered in its highest aesthetic to its most logical level. For this aim, the first design concepts should be analyzed after form modification and meeting users’ needs in analytical software, regulating environmental conditions, and reviewing structural optimization, and then after go forward to construction level in a way that it is highly adaptive with natural energy.

Therefore, all the projects in Hichestan Architecture Studio are designed and goes to construction level with BIM technology. In years, our effort has been into creating a parlance architecture based on simple geometrical forms that is constant to its nature and creates culture and underlies intellectual improvement.


Mohammad Ramezani

C.E.O. mohammad@hichestands.com

Alireza Fathi

PMO ali@hichestands.com

Elham Karimi

Architect elham@hichestands.com

Shayan Shafieuon

Architect shayan@hichestands.com

Tannaz Sattar

Architect/Graphic Designer tannaz@hichestands.com

Maryam Nayebzadeh

BIM Executor maryam@hichestands.com

Shahram Afrandnia

BIM Coordinator shahram@hichestands.com

Taraneh Eftekhari

Design Developer taraneh@hichestands.com

Armin Radan

CG Artist armin@hichestands.com

Arash Mozafari

Construction Supervisor arash@hichestands.com

Majid Safian

Construction Supervisor
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